To assist organizations grappling with limited resources, changing technologies,increasing public expectations regarding easy access to City services, demand for information transparency, and the evolution of cloud computing, NexLevel performs assessments that help organizations evaluate existing technology services and provides actionable recommendations.

NexLevel’s assessment methodology is built on our experience in delivering services to local government agencies since 1999. It allows us to use repeatable processes that yield positive results and, at the same time, offers the flexibility to adapt to an organization’s specific needs. It results in an objective and independent assessment of current technology operations, management, and service levels.

NexLevel works closely with an organization’s technology stakeholders to examine how effectively the current IT environment meets the organization’s requirements, business objectives, and priorities; how the organization desires to use technology to support its future business objectives; the gap between the current an

NexLevel's assessment framework and toolkit focuses on practical and proven best practices across the following operational “assessment dimensions:”d future environments; and a plan for how to bridge that gap.

  • IT Governance – Practices related to the IT organization’s direction and priorities, leadership and reporting structure, degree of management overview, and the consistent tracking of the delivery of technology services
  • Service Delivery – Practices related to coordinating the processes involved in providing customer support including training, help desk, service delivery management, and the establishment of service level agreements (SLAs) and tracking conformance to those agreements
  • Business Technology Applications – Practices related to the management and support of the application information systems supporting business operations
  • Infrastructure – Practices related to the acquisition, utilization, and maintenance of equipment (such as servers and storage devices), operating systems, support software, and network services
  • Security/Information Protection – Practices related to the effective use of policies and standards, user conduct, software tools (filtering, monitoring, etc.), and audits to validate that material and software resources are used only for their intended purposes
  • Administration – Practices related to the management of technology in terms of budgets, maintenance agreements, software licenses, and the development and maintenance of current and accurate documentation on all technology activities

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 “We hired NexLevel to provide a systematic and complete assessment of our IT environment to form the background for an IT Master Plan.  NexLevel was timely, competent, professional, and listened to our needs as the client.”

Cathy Capriola
Assistant City Manager
City of Novato