Assessment: Baseline for Growth

As organizations grapple with changing technologies and shrinking resources, NexLevel helps provide a bridge to the future. We evaluate how well current IT services are delivered and assess the effectiveness of current or past IT projects.

Whether you are embracing IT for the first time, moving from a legacy system to a client-server system or Internet-based (cloud) delivery model, transitioning between in-house operations and outsourcing, or just enhancing your current technology, NexLevel can provide assessment services that make sense for your organization.

NexLevel's IT assessment services include:

Network Assessments

NexLevel's network assessments begin with an inventory of desktop hardware and software components currently in use, and then go on to evaluate network operation and integration, capacity and performance, security, staffing and training, planning and growth trends, and other factors. The results of our network assessment include documentation of the existing network, a network diagram, and recommendations for improvements in network configuration, operation, and management.

We perform network assessments using the following comprehensive survey and audit approach:

  • Step 1 - Infrastructure Analysis - This includes site surveys at each location to review telecommunication room environmental conditions and to document existing copper and fiber backbone/distribution cabling
  • Step 2 - Network and Workstation Analysis - This includes documentation of current network topology, analysis of workstation cabling infrastructure, and review of workstation hardware/software; findings are used to develop recommendations to improve network/workstation efficiencies and security
  • Step 3 - Network Management Analysis - This evaluates the existing network monitoring and management functions
  • Step 4 - New Technology Analysis - To ensure network readiness for the future, our assessment includes review of current and future plans for voice and data technologies, telecommunication convergence technologies (network or premise based) to reduce monthly variable usage based local and long distance costs, and recommended alternatives.

Service Level Assessments

NexLevel performs service level assessments to review the delivery of services by an IT department to its customers. Our assessments identify and document the degree to which service level expectations and support responsibilities exist between the IT department and its customers. Support for standalone and network-attached workstations, servers, and related equipment are also included in this analysis. Our review typically addresses the following areas:

  • Supported Environment
  • Services
  • Service Level Goals
  • IT Department Organization
  • IT Staff Responsibilities and Skill Levels
  • Customer Responsibilities
  • Service Level Agreements

A comprehensive service level assessment can result in a realistic service level agreement (SLA) that clearly defines the service levels the IT department will deliver to its customers and describes the procedures for requesting and delivering IT services. Our approach is intended to support the establishment of an SLA partnership based on a balance of responsibilities, services, and costs that represents a best value for customer departments, the IT department, and the organization as a whole.

Project Assessments

NexLevel performs project assessments to assist managers in evaluating and reporting project performance. Our approach is based on a demonstrated process of accomplishing goals and objectives, and helps managers with the following functions:

  • Assess the results of activities compared with planned goals
  • Determine progress toward achieving the project's mission
  • Identify opportunities for improving project performance

Our approach is comprehensive, yet tailored to the project, and provides an objective and independent assessment of project performance through the following:

  • Provides the basis for making informed management decisions
  • Keeps responsible organizations and stakeholders apprised of successes, problems, progress, and results
  • Provides a common link between planning, budgeting, execution, and evaluation
  • Provides a basis for establishing accountability

Clients are encouraged to customize their own assessment package by selecting elements from our various assessments as necessary to meet their specific needs. NexLevel project assessments are designed to meet the requirements of State and Federal oversight agencies.



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